Neurofeedback Home Rentals

The most cost-effective way for your family to accumulate the benefits of brain training sessions with NeurOptimal is to rent a unit for your whole family to use in the comfort of your own home. 

Home neurofeedback is the same training you get with a trainer in office but you can work around your own schedule and frequency. 

The home neurofeedback units have unlimited sessions so the entire family can be getting the benefits of brain training while you have the unit.

I will show you how to hook up the trainee and start the session.  The system does the rest!  The sessions last for 33 minutes. 

During a session trainees like to:

  • Read
  • Sleep
  • Relax
  • Watch the cool visuals on the screen
  • Do homework
  • Work, read emails
  • Play gently with toys or fidgets

Benefits of Brain Training at Home

  • It's a great deal! The whole family can train for one fee
  • No travel time to appointments
  • No juggling schedules to make appointments
  • It's the same exact brain training as you get with a trainer
  • Brain train in the comfort of your own home

How to do a self hook up


A rental unit is $1000 per month for unlimited sessions. 

Sample pricing per session with home rental:

Assuming you train 2 or 3 times a week, each person can easily accumulate about 12 sessions in a month.  So some sample prices for 12 sessions each would look like:

  • 1 person: $83 per session
  • 2 people: $42 per session
  • 3 people: $27 per session
  • 4 people: $21 per session
  • 5 people: $17 per session

Don’t forget to add the value of no travel time or juggling of appointments! 

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